Band Members

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher was born May 29, 1967. He is was raised in Burnage, Manchester with his brother Liam. Noel began learning guitar at the age of thirteen. After a series of odd jobs in construction, Noel joined local Manchester band, Inspiral Carpets as a roadie and technician in 1988. Whilst touring with the Inspiral Carpets, he learnt that Liam had formed a band of his own, known as The Rain, which eventually took on the name “Oasis”. After Noel returned to England, he was invited by Liam to join Oasis as songwriter and guitarist.

Liam Gallagher


William John Paul “Liam” Gallagher (born 21 September 1972) is an English musician and songwriter and lead singer of English rock band Beady Eye. One of the figureheads of the 1990s Britpop movement as lead singer and frontman of Oasis, Gallagher’s erratic behaviour, distinctive singing style, and abrasive attitude have been the subject of commentary in the press. He remains one of the most recognisable figures in modern British music.

Although Noel wrote the majority of Oasis’s songs, Liam has penned the singles “Songbird” and “I’m Outta Time”, along with a number of album tracks and B-sides.

Since Noel Gallagher’s departure from Oasis in August 2009, Liam has said he will continue making music with ex-Oasis members Gem Archer, Andy Bell, drummer Chris Sharrock and keyboard player Jay Darlington, recording under the bandname Beady Eye. Jeff Wootton, guitarist for the Phase III Gorillaz House Band, will also be a member. Q magazine voted Gallagher the greatest frontman of all time.

Andy Bell

Andrew Piran “Andy” Bell (born 11 August 1970) is a British musician, currently playing guitar in the band Beady Eye. He is a songwriter, singer, producer, DJ and former member of the early 1990s shoegazing band, Ride, and later, Hurricane #1. He is also well known for playing bass guitar (and contributing songwriting) for British rock band Oasis. On Oasis’ last albums, the band took less clearly defined roles and Bell was able to contribute guitar on his own songs.

Gem Archer

Gem Archer (pronounced with a hard ‘G’, like ‘Guitar’) (born 7 December 1966) is a member of the English rock band Beady Eye. He is, however, best known for his work with Heavy Stereo and Oasis. He joined Oasis as rhythm guitarist in November 1999, and handled lead guitarist for acoustics as well. He also contributed towards the writing of some of the band’s songs. Oasis broke up in August 2009, but in November 2009, Liam Gallagher announced he was writing new material with Gem as well as other ex Oasis members minus his brother Noel, under the name Beady Eye.

Zak Starkey

Zak Starkey (born 13 September 1965) is an English rock drummer. He is the son of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and Starr’s first wife Maureen Cox. He is also known for his unofficial membership in the English rock band The Who, with whom he has performed and recorded since 1996. He is also the third drummer to have appeared with English rock band Oasis. Starkey has also worked with other musicians and bands such as, Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, The Icicle Works, The Waterboys, ASAP and The Lightning Seeds.

Chris Sharrock

Chris Sharrock (born May 30, 1964) is an English drummer from Bebington, Merseyside, England who has a long history of being an official member of many noted British bands, including The Icicle Works, The La’s, The Wild Swans, World Party, The Lightning Seeds, The Robbie Williams Band, and Oasis. With Oasis having broken up, Sharrock is currently the drummer for ex-Oasis member Liam Gallagher’s new band, Beady Eye.

Alan White

Alan White (born 26 May 1972) is an English drummer, best known as being the drummer of the English rock group Oasis between 1995 and 2004, performing on four studio albums, two compilation albums and one live album. He joined the band in May 1995 after the band’s original drummer Tony McCarroll was removed from the band. He was recommended to Noel Gallagher by Gallagher’s friend Paul Weller. Notably, Alan’s brother Steve has been longtime drummer for Weller. White left the band in early 2004 in somewhat unclear circumstances. He was replaced in Oasis by Zak Starkey, drummer of The Who and son of The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr.

Paul McGuigan

Paul McGuigan (born 9 May 1971), better known by his nickname, Guigsy (pronounced “Gwigzee”), was one of the four founding members of British rock band Oasis. He was the group’s bassist from 1991 to 1999.

Paul Arthurs (Bonehead)

Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs (born 23 June 1965) is one of the founding members of English rock band Oasis and rhythm guitar player from 1991-1999. He is almost exclusively known by his nickname Bonehead, a reference to the short back and sides haircut his father made him have when he was young.

Tony McCarroll

Anthony “Tony” McCarroll (Born 27 June 1971) was one of the founding members of English rock group Oasis, as their drummer from 1991 to April 1995.

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